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Angola is the largest oil exporter in Africa and that country has achieved high economic growth rates for all decade.


with the leader, South Africa, is a vibrant economy leading the sub-Saharan Africa with hundreds of millions inhabitants, today served logistically from the ports and railways in Angola, connecting other coutries to world.








Given the enormous wealth and land and sub-soil of Angola, which includes all kinds of minerals, natural gas, oil, and produces a vast territory from coffee, sugar, bio-diesel, there is an enormous business potential that attracted investments around the world.





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Angola is in fact the main african oil supplier of China, becoming ist best partner in Africa.

The country made a major investment in infrastructure, road and railway, as well as urban infrastructure, especially for equipment opened for the African Football Championship 2010, which involved the construction of four new stadiums and dozens of hotels in major cities.

Angola now has the political and economic stability, with the reelection of President Jose Eduardo Santos.


However, to start a business in Angola, it must comply with a multiplicity of procedures and formalities arising from the existence of municipal legislation and applicable National, requiring multiple steps, payments of fees and procedures. Without compliance with the legal market, any activity would be illegal.