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Europe is by far the most important market in the world. Considering its nearly 770 million people, Europe is led by the European Union (EU), including 27 countries as UK, Germany, France and others, where the free movement of goods, capital and labor exists, and free official currency (EURO) created the world's largest market.








PBy investing in an EU country, your company is able to sell without barriers across all 27 countries / markets, without borders or taxes between them.


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EU has its own rules, and is much easier to start businesses in the EU create a company in one of the 27 countries belonging to it, being able to sell to all 27 markets, from Portugal to Poland, passing through markets such as Holland, Italy,

 Germany, Sweden and others.

The cost of operation in Europe has significant variations: you can set up your business in London, but the cost of operation and means will be very high. Indeed, London is one of the most expensive in the world, either to rent offices, hire staff, live or travel to continental Europe (UK - Island). And, last but not least, London uses the British Pound, while in the major countries of Europe, the EURO is the official currency of business.

Thus, we suggest to go to the European market, the establishment of a business in the places more accessible: creating a company in Portugal is easy and fast, and full operation is the cheapest in Europe. Portugal on the west coast of Europe, is the first access across the Atlantic Ocean from North America, South America and Africa to Europe.

It is also the choice of a geographically strategic location, ideal for those looking to supply the European market or expand their business to other parts of the world.
Portugal has a large logistics and communications infrastructure with connections to major cities by air, land, sea, road or rail and communications and telephone systems are known as one of the best and most advanced in the world. Portugal is a country with an innovative economic environment. A wide range of services available online to help you build your business.

Incorporating in Portugal is easy, and gives you immediate access to the EU market with its 500 million consumers, is the easiest and fastest way to become a supplier in Europe.

You can enter in just one hour, and start doing business for the rest of the day.