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In the era of globalization we are all connected in many different guises, in business this reality is even stronger.


Placed in the hands of the whole group talking about a unique opportunity to access the huge and increasingly market: China.  








If your goal is to visit China to sell their products or get a distributor for your brand we can help you, we now have distributors interested in importing products and brands and business concepts.


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The Atlantic Invest Group wants to enhance you the chances of success in, starting business in the world's largest market, China


If your goal is to find components or large scale production in Asia in order to lower your production costs or to launch an innovative product in the global marketplace, we are here to inform you of all available possibilities.


Do you want to make known your products, your brands, or your skills and open up a whole new world of opportunities generated by a market of 1300 million people, come visit us to find out how we can leverage your business.